Assist p porn mobile atient with using a urinal

Assist patient with using a urinalAssist patient with using a urinal

When assisting a patient with using a urinal, a Nurse Assistant should ensure privacy which can be done by closing the bedside curtain or the door if in a room.

Assist the patient to position himself properly as required by the situation. Such as:

–          Standing

–          Sitting on hot lesbian porn the side of the bed

–          Sitting in bed with the head of the bed elevated

–          Or lying short term loans on his side or back.

For most men, it is easier to urinate when standing or sitting. If situation permits, tell the patient to hold the urinal and place his penis into it.

The level of privacy depends on safety.  Ensure that the call light is within the reach of the patient.  Remove your gloves and perform hand hygiene if you have to leave the room. If the patient needs help, you can hold the urinal and/or place his penis completely within the urinal and then hold the urinal in place.

When the patient is finished, remove the urinal and be write my essay sure to close its cap. Assist with perineal hygiene if required.

Observe the urine for abnormalities and if there are any be sure to notify the charge nurse iphone porn before disposing of the contents of the urinal.

Make sure to measure the urine as shown in the video skill Measuring Intake and Output, if the intake and output of the patient is being celebrity nude monitored.

Adhere to celeb sex tapes the facility policy in emptying and cleaning the urinal. Once cleaned, dry the urinal with a paper towel. Discard of the dirty gloves and perform hand hygiene.

Be sure to put on clean gloves before returning the urinal to the patient.  If it is allowed by facility policy, you can attach the urinal to the side rails so it can be easily reached when needed. It should not be gay porn placed on the overbed table.

Make sure that the adult anime patient performs hand hygiene and then position him comfortably onto the bed.

Follow up care dictates that you remove your gloves and perform hand hygiene. Do not forget to record the patient’s urine volume in the patient’s records cartoon porn if intake and input are being measured. Be sure to report any noticeable changes in his normal urinary elimination pattern to the charge nurse.