Assist the celebrity sex tapes patient to the commode

Assist the patient to the commode

As a Nurse Assistant, the following should be observed when preparing to assist the Assist the patient to the commodepatient to the commode.  Make sure that you have gloves on, place the commode next to the bed, and then remove the cover or lid. Have the patient sit first on the side of the bed and then offer to help him to put on his robe and don black porn videos non-skid slippers.

You can use a transfer belt to help celeb sex tapes the patient to the commode.

You can check the video skill “Transferring from a bed milf porn to a wheelchair with a transfer belt.”

The patient should be covered with a bath blanket and the toilet tissue and signal light should be placed where the patient can easily reach for them.

Tell the patient to signal cartoon porn once he is finished.

If safety dictates, stay with him, if unnecessary, make sure to give the patient as much privacy as possible. Remove your short term loan gloves and perform hand hygiene.

After the patient calls using the signal light to tell you that he is finished, perform hand hygiene again and put on gloves.

Help the nude celebrities patient with perineal hygiene if necessary. Refer to the video skills about performing perineal care. Make sure that the patient performs hand hygiene and help if needed.

At this point you can remove the transfer belt hot lesbian porn and take off the robe and slippers.

Be sure to cover the container with a towel or lid. Take it to the bathroom for disposal but do not forget to observe for abnormalities like blood in the urine or unusual odor or color. If any abnormality is present, report it to the charge nurse before getting rid of the contents. 

Measure the volume of the buy priligy urine if the patients intake and output is being recorded.

Dispose of the contents, clean and disinfect the commode as facility policy dictates.

Follow up care: Replace the commode and other supplies to their assigned places and record the output and make sure the patient is comfortable and the call light is readily available as needed videos gays by the patient.