Assisting with range of motion exercises

Assisting with range of motion exercises

Be sure to consult the care plan or the nurse’s instructions before assisting with range of Assisting with range of motion exercisesmotion exercises and take note of any restrictions. These are the general guidelines to follow:

–          Expose only the limb being exercised

–          Move each joint slowly and gently

–          Support the joint and the limb being exercised

–          Work from head to toe

–          Don’t exercise any joint beyond the point resistance or to the point of fatigue or pain

–          Repeat each movement 3 to 5 times

–          Remember to repeat the appropriate exercises on the opposite side. The video will show the normal range of motion on only one side

Below are the 6 major types of joints:

  1. Pivot joints- allow for rotation and are located in the neck and forearms.
  2. Ball and socket joints-formed when the ball shaped end of one bone fits into the cup shaped socket of another. They are located in the shoulders and hips.
  3. Hinged joints -allow movement such as the hinge on a door. They are located in the knees, ankles, elbows and fingers.
  4. Condyloid joints – allow for flexion, extension, adduction, abduction milf porn and circumduction. They are located in the wrist, finger and toes.
  5. Saddle joints – permit flexion, extension, adduction and abduction. They are located in the thumbs.
  6. Gliding joints – permit only gliding movements and are located in the spine, hands and toes.


Adjust the bed to a comfortable working height and make sure the patient is comfortable and stay on the side of the bed where the joint that is going to be exercised is positioned.  Cover the patient with a bath blanket and fold the top linens do the foot of the bed.

To help the patient move her neck into flexion, tip her chin toward her chest, then for extension move her head erect and for hyper extension move her head back as far as possible.

To perform a lateral flexion help the patient tilt her head toward each shoulder as far as possible. For rotation, help the patient to rotate her head as far as possible in a circular motion, be careful not to turn the head too far.

Keep in mind that range of motion exercises may not be advisable for elderly patients and in come facilities may not be permitted at all for patients regardless of age.

Assist the patient with shoulder exercises. With arms at her side, help with the flexion by raising the arm celeb sex tapes forward and above her head and then with extension by returning the arm to her side. Do the hyper extension by moving the arm behind her body with a straight elbow. These motions should be repeated 3 to 5 times.

Help the patient move her shoulders into abduction by raising her arm to the side away from her body and over head with the palm out, and then adduction by lowering her arm toward and across her body as far as possible.

Do also internal rotation by moving the arm at the should with the elbow flexed until the thumb is down and next to the side and external rotation by moving the arm with the elbow flexed until the thumb is up and next to the head.

Circumduction is done porn cartoon by moving the straightened arm into a full circle.

For elbow exercises, do the flexion so that the elbow bends and her hand touches her shoulder and extension so that her elbow straightens when her hand is lowered. Tell her to move her forearm to perform supination by turning her lower arm and hand palm down and then pronation by turning her lower arm and hand palm up.

Then for the wrist, perform flexion by moving the palm toward the inside of the forearm and extension by moving the fingers to be level with the hand and forearm.

For hyper extension, move the hand back as far as possible. Do the abduction by moving the wrist and bending it toward the thumb and adduction by bending it toward the little finger.

To exercise the fingers, do the flexion by asking the adult anime patient to make a fist and extension by asking her to straighten her fingers. To do the hyper extension help the patient bend her fingers back as far as possible. Spread the fingers apart to perform finger abduction and then for adduction, just bring the fingers together again.

For the thumb range of moti online payday loans on, flexion is done by moving the thumb across her palm and extension by moving it straight away from her hand. Do the abduction by extending the thumb to the side away from the hand and then adduction by moving it back toward her had. To do the opposition, assist the patient touch her thumb to each finger on the same hand.

To help the patient exercise the hip, do the flexion by lifting her leg forward and up and extension by returning the leg beside the other. Do the hyper extension by moving her leg back beyond normal extension. You can do this with the patient prone lying on her side or standing. To further exercise the hip, do the abduction by moving her leg to the side away from her body and do the adduction by moving her leg back toward her body and across the other leg.

Do the internal rotation by turning her foot and leg in. hot lesbian porn Then do the external rotation by turning her foot and leg out.

To do the circumduction, move the leg in cartoon porn a full circle. Have the patient prone or standing, exercise the knee, do the flexion by bending the knee and bringing the heel toward the back of the thigh. For extension, return the leg to a straight position.

To assist with the ankle gay porn movies range of motion, have the patient into a supine position and do the dorsa flexion by moving her foot so the toes point up toward her head and planter flexion by moving the goot so the toes point down away from her head.

F best mobile porn or range of motion exercise for the feet, do the inversion by turning the sole of her foot inward and eversion by turning it laterally or outward.

Flexion is done by curling the toes down and extension by straightening them back.

Help her to move her toes, do black girl porn the abduction by spreading the toes apart and then adduction by bring the toes together again.

After completing the range of motion exercises pull up the linens and remove the bath blanket and put them in the linen hamper. As a follow up care, encourage the patient to perform these exercises themselves.