Catheter care CNA Skill

Catheter care CNA Skill

A Nurse assistant should be sensitive to animated porn the patient’s needs when preparing for catheter care. For privacy, close the bedside curtains or the door.  Adjust the bed to a comfortable working height and lower the rails on your side. For disoriented patients, be sure that the rails are raised before you move away from the bed side.Catheter care CNA Skill

Put on gloves and then cover the patient with a bath blanket. In female patients, the blanket should be positioned in a diamond shape and the linens should be fan folded down to her legs. Help the patient move into a supine position and tell her to relax her legs and let them fall to the sides.

Remove gay porn pics the bottom corner of the bath blanket to have access to the perineum. Tell the patient to raise her hips to allow you to put a waterproof pad under her buttocks. If the patient is unable to raise her hips, turn her from side to side so that you can put the pad properly. Check the catheter insertion side for redness and other abnormalities. Examine the tubing for patency, secure connections and sufficient to avoid tugging on it with leg movement.

Make sure to examine also the skin around the tape or catheter strap or under the catheter strap for irritation.

Clean the patient’s perineal area following the video milf porn skill “Performing perineal care for a female patient”.

Clean all the perineal folds thoroughly. Using soap and water, wet a clean wash cloth with one hand and hold the catheter securely near the meatus. Using the other hand, clean using a circular motion along the catheter for about 4 inches, cleaning from the meatus toward the drainage bag. Take care not to pull on the catheter tubing. Rinse the wash cloth and then wipe the catheter tubing again so that soap residue is removed.

If necessary, replace the gay sex anchor device that secures the catheter tubing to the patient’s leg.

On a male celebrity nude patient, follow these instructions. Move the patient into a supine position and keep his legs straight and cover his upper body with a bath blanket.  Clean the patient’s perineal area following the video skill “Performing perineal care for a male patient.”

Use a circular motion and clean from hot gay porn the top of the penis down to the scrotum. Upon completing catheter care, secure the catheter to either the top of the patient’s thigh or lower abdomen in accordance to the facility policy.

For ei celeb sex tapes ther patient, be sure to check the drainage tubing. It should be coiled and secured to the bed linen, and not looped or positioned higher than the bladder and should be free from kinks or clamps. Check also to see that the drainage bag is not touching the floor.

Dispose of the contents of the collection bag once every 8 hours and be careful buy generic kamagra online not to let the drainage port touch the inside of the graduated measuring device. If facility policy allows, replace the collection bag and tubing as instructed by the care plan or the charge nurse.

Check porn cartoon the container at eye level, examine the amount, color and clarity of the urine. Record the amount at the INO flow sheet. Be sure to position on the lower bed frame and that the urine is flowing freely through the tubing. Ensure that the tubing is coiled and secured to the bed linens.

As a follow up care, take away the water proof pad and make sure that the patient is comfortable in mobile porn videos bed.