Changing a porn cartoon urinary drainage bag

Changing a hot gay porn Urinary drainage bag

Make sure to put on gloves when changing a urinary drainage bag. First fanfold the linens porn cartoon back and then cover the patient with a bath blanket.Changing a urinary drainage bag

Empty hot lesbian porn the drainage bag in accordance to the video skill “Emptying the Urinary Drainage Bag.” Put the catheter clamp or rubber band to the catheter as indicated by the facility policy.

Put a waterproof pad under the connection between the catheter and tubing of the drainage bag. Open the package containing the new drainage bag and tubing. Remove the catheter from the current tubing. Make sure that the catheter does not come in contact with anything. To change into a new bag immediately just insert the sterile end of the new drainage tubing of the new drainage bag into the catheter then remove the clamp or rubber band from the catheter. Place the drainage bag on the side of the bed or chair. Follow the facility policy when hot gay porn disposing of the used drainage bag.

For a patient that will use a leg bag, prepare for it by placing a black girl porn clean paper towel on the overbed table beside the bed. Get a few antiseptic wipes and then place them on the paper towel. Open the package containing the sterile cap and plug. Disconnect the catheter from the current tubing.  Make sure that the catheter does not touch anything. When you will reuse the current tubing, put the sterile cap on the end of the tubing attached to the bag. Remove the cap from the tubing of the leg bag. When the leg bag has been previously used and the tubing is not sterile, you must clean the tubing on the leg bag before attaching the bag to the patient’s leg.

If the drainage bag will be reused, store it as facility lesbian videos policy dictates.

Cover the patient once more and then remove the bath blanket. hentai porn Adjust the bed to its lowest position but ensure that the drainage will not touch the floor.

As a follow up care, be sure to perform hand hygiene and record the buy levitra urine output.