CNA Skill diflucan online Assist the patient when eating

CNA Skill Assist the patient when eating

In order to assist gay porn the patient when eating, you must first prepare her for the meal in accordance to the video skill “Preparing for Meals and Serving Meal Trays.”

Position the patient into a high Fowler’s position and inquire if the she or he has celebrity porn any religious or cultural preferences when it comes to food.CNA Skill Assist the patient when eating

Cut the patient’s food in celebrity sex tapes to bite size pieces and then ask her in what order she would like to eat the food and serve it accordingly.

For a patient that is visually impaired or disoriented, inform her the location of the food by describing its location as if the plate was a clock. You can say: buy generic kamagra online here the potatoes are at 12 o’clock, meat is at 4 o’clock and the peas are at 9 o’clock.

Encourage the patient to try to feed herself to promote independence. If the patient shows signs of fatigue or is not able to feed herself, you should feed her in a way that encourages chewing and avoiding fatigue.

After celebrity porn the preparation of the food as it is shown in the video skill “Preparing for Meals and Serving Meal Trays,” observe how the patient consume the food in fluids of different consistencies. You can add a thickener to thin liquids if needed to achieve the consistency of honey, nectar or pudding as indicated in the care plan or the charge nurse.

 Add thickeners according to the manufacturer’s directions when it comes to the amount in order to arrive at the desired mom sex consistency.

During porn cartoon feeding, put one half to one teaspoon of food or 10 to 15 mm of liquid into the patient’s unaffected side of the mouth if any and allow the utensils to touch her mouth or tongue. While feeding coach and patient verbally and put in positive reinforcement.

Allow the patient to help and make personal choices celebrity nude as much as she can to avoid the feeling of helplessness and loss of control. Watch out for food pocketing, difficulty of swallowing and fatigue during and after the meal. Converse with the patient throughout the meal and afterward let the patient sit up for 30 minutes, then remove the tray. Take note of the type and amount of food that was eaten.

Assist the patient with mouth care celebrity nude and hand hygiene as part of the follow up care.