CNA Skill Feeding Patient

CNA Skill Feeding Patient

M porn cartoon ake sure that the meal will be a pleasant experience by preparing the environment for the meal.CNA Skill Feeding Patient

Prepare the room cartoon porn for meal time and clear the overbed table to make room for the meal tray. If necessary clean the surface of the table by the use of a paper towel.  Observe the surroundings for any distractions and minimize the noise level if possible.

Then prepare the patient for the meal, offer assistance with toileting and hand hygiene. If necessary, empty the bed pan or urinal and change dirty linen or clothing. Make sure that you are wearing gloves when doing this.

Suggest to the patient to brush her teeth lesbian porno first or to rinse her mouth.

Help the patient into the po mobile teen porn sition for safe eating. If she can sit up, help her put on non-slip shoes, if also allowed help her into a comfortable chair. Let the patient regain balance when standing.

When the patient cannot sit in a chair, use a Fowler’s or high Fowler’s position if allowed by his condition. If you need to assist the patient when eating set up chairs for the celebrity sex tapes two ofyou.

If needed, assist the patient to put on glasses or contact lenses, and to put on dentures and hearing aids. Make sure that the dentures fit properly. After washing your hands, serve the meal tray.

Check the patient’s ID band and check the tray if the food is complete and correct by checking the dietary card or menu. The Food served should be the same as what has been ordered and should be served at the correct temperature. Prepare the tray as celebrity porn need, for example, open cartons, remove lids and cut the food.

Ensure that the tray has adaptive feeding devices like a two handed cup with lid and a plate with plate guard and utensils with splints or enlarged handles. If necessary, you can use additional adaptive devices like angled forks and spoons with grip openings in the handles, or utensils that can be adjusted to the patient’s grip strength, utensils with tapered and angled handles and cup with thumb grips. Put on gloves before handling the patient’s food if required by facility black girl porn policy.

You can season the food and butter the bread if the patient wants it and if his diet allows. If the patient can eat by herself you can then show him how to use the adaptive utensils if needed. Stay for a while to observe his manner of feeding himself and the use of utensils. When no difficulty with swallowing is shown, then just plan to check on her progress frequently. After the patient has finished eating, assist the patient with hand hygiene and oral care.

Help hentai porn videos the patient move into a resting position and he is prone to aspiration, adjust the head of the bed into 45 degrees and let her stay in that position for half an hour.  Place the call light within easy reach of the patient.

As a follow up care, take note of the type and amount of good eaten. Make sure to rec porn cartoon ord fluid intake and output or calorie intake as indicated.