CNA Skill For Measuring urinary porn cartoon output

CNA Skill For Measuring porn cartoon Urinary Output

Make sure to put on gloves when you will empty a urinary drainage bag. Put paper towels on lesbian sex porn the floor under the bag and have a graduated or measuring container directly under the drain of the bag. Open the clamp of the drain and allow the urine to flow into the graduated container. While doing this, make sure that you do not let the end of the drain touch the inside of the container.CNA Skill Measuring urinary output

As soon as the bag is empty replace the clamp. Make hot lesbian porn sure to clean the end of the drain with a disinfectant or antimicrobial as indicated by the facility policy.

When the patient is using a leg bag, it can be emptied in the same manner. Measure the urine at eye level and check it for abnormalities such as urine and out of the ordinary color or smell. If there is any,make sure to mention it to the charge nurse before disposing of the contents of the container. Put the paper towels in the trash can and make sure to observe proper disposal of the write my essay urine. You should empty, clean and disinfect the container as indicated by the facility policy.

As your follow up care, record lesbian porn the patient’s urinary output in the INO Flowsheet, as necessary.