Transferring patient from bed to Wheelchair

Transferring patient from bed to Wheelchair

When transferring a patient from a bed to a wheelchair, as a Nurse Assistant, you must Transferring patient from bed to Wheelchairfirst assess the patient’s ability to lesbian porn bear weight, willingness to cooperate and the strength of his arms. You can do this by asking the charge nurse, looking at the care plan and by observing the patient.

If the patient can bear weight partially and have the use of his arms, the Nurse Assistant can use the Stand and Pivot technique with a transfer belt.

Have the wheelchair phone porn in position that allows the move to be towards the patient’s stronger side and lock the wheels and remove the leg rest or swing them out of the way. Then you would need to lower the bed to the lowest position then lock the wheels and then lower the side rails.

At this point, you must turn the patient to one side and then bend his knees. Raise the head of the bed to highest position, pause and then ask the patient if he feels dizzy. If not, stand in front of him with your feet apart and with a broad base of support so that you are stable and balance and this avoiding twisting and straining your muscles.

Ask the patient to push off the mattress with his arms and at the same time you are helping him to lift his upper body to sitting position. Then help to swing his legs over the edge of the bed. Allow the patient to sit on the side of the bed and dangle his legs for  couple of minutes.

With the patient now able to sit upright, place the transfer belt over his clothing and around his waist.

Adjust the belt so that it is a snug fit without causing discomfort or difficulty of breathing. It should still be loose enough to allow you to slide your fingers under the belt.

Assist the patient to slip on non-skid slippers or shoes.  Now move to the edge of the bed and then place teen celebrity porn his feet flat on the floor slightly but comfortably apart.

Now, it’s milf porn your turn to spread your feet apart, and bend your hips and knees to be able to adjust your center of gravity closer to the object that you will raise.

Position your feet so that it is blocking the patient’s feet and then brace your knees against the patient’s knees , this will help stabilize his knees when the patient stands.

Grip the sides of the transfer belt or hold the handles if the belt is equipped with them.

Have the patient to push both hands down the mattress if he hentai porn is strong enough and stand on three.

Help him to stand as you straighten your hips and legs and your knees slightly bent.

Support the knees and short term loans legs of the patient with your knees. Check if the patient feels dizzy and if not, then you can now turn and move him towards his stronger side positioning the patient so that his back is towards the wheelchair.

Tell the patient to hold onto the arm of the chair and use the armrest for support while you are bending your hips and knees to slowly lowering him cartoon porn videos down to the wheelchair.

When the patient is now securely seated on the chair, make sure that he has proper alignment and assist him to place his clomid online feet on the footrest and position the wheelchair as needed or wanted.

If facility policy dictates, remove the transfer belt. If required, place pillows to best hentai porn support paralyzed or weak extremities.

You must remind the patient celebrity nude to shift his weight every 15 minutes as part of your follow-up care.