Transferring patient using mechanical lift

Transferring a patient using a mechanical lift

Be sure that facility and state policies stipulates the use of an assistant when transferring CNA SKill Transferring patient using mechanical lifta patient using a mechanical lift. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the equipment that you are using when transferring a patient from a bed to a chair or a wheelchair.

Before you begin, look for factors that could affect the transfer, for example, the IV tubing or surgical drains. If the patient is wearing glasses you must remove them.

Be sure to perform hand hygiene before transferring a patient.  Place the lift to the bedside and the wheelchair nearby. Allow enough space to maneuver the lift. Flatten the mattress and then raise the bed to the appropriate height and lower the side rails on the side you are working on. Tell your assistant to lower the lesbian videos other rail. Remove the covers and place it at the bottom of the bed.

Roll the patient to the opposite direction and then put the hammock or sling under her. The sling should be placed from the patient’s knees reaching up to her head.

Roll the patient to the other side the make sure that the sling is under the patient’s body. Then move the patient into a supine position onto the seat of the sling. Place the lift at the side of the bed spreading the base of the lift. If the manufacturer requires to lock the wheels then do it. Lower the boom then hook the short chains or straps to the top holes of the sling porn cartoon and then do the same to the long chains or straps to the bottom holes. Ensure that the chains are the same length from both side and from top to bottom, the hooks should be pointing away from the patient.  Modify the sling so that the patient’s weight is evenly supported. Raise the head of the bed and ask the patient to fold her arms over her chest. Tell her that she will not fall.

It is important to close the hydraulic valve. Now pump the handle in slow even strokes or use the electric controller to raise the patient from the bed.

Elevate her high enough so that her hips are not resting on the bed and her legs can be moved over the side of the bed. You can unlock the lift wheels if necessary and then utilize the steering handle in order to pull the lift from the bed and move it to the wheelchair.

At the time that the patient is centered over the chair and the lift is properly positioned, lock the wheels of the wheelchair. Inform the patient at this point that she prescription drugs will be lowered onto the wheelchair and then proceed to do so gently. Her buttocks and her lower back should be against that back rest of the wheelchair.

When you see that the patient is fully seated you can porn cartoon then release the chains or straps then proceed to remove the chains or straps and the lift.

Check the patient’s seating alignment and make some cartoon porn adjustment if necessary.

Observe the patient’s response to the lift transfer and note any changes in the vital signs, dizziness, fatigue or pain, as part of the follow up care.

When using a stand assist lift, Anal Porn make sure that the patient has enough body strength and ability to follow instructions and cooperate with the move. You can do this by asking the nurse.

Have the patient sit on the side of the bed then wrap the sling around her waist and then secure it in place following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Position the lift and then lock the wheels.

Following hentai porn the manufacturer’s instructions, attach the sling straps to the lift bars.

Patient should then be placed feet flat on the platform and her knees should be parallel to the knees support. Tell her to hold on to the hand grips. Use the controller to activate the lift and slowly raise the patient from a sitting position to the standing position.

You can now unlock the wheels on the lift and then roll the patient from the bed on mom sex to the chair. Position the patient in front of the chair and lock the wheels on the lift. So that you can move closer to the chair spread the legs of the lift. With the controller, slowly lower the patient now from standing position to a sitting position on the chair.

You can now remove the sling straps from the lift bars gay pics and then remove the sling from the patient.

Tell the patient to release the hand grips now and unlock the wheels of the lift and remove it.

As a follow up care, check that the patient nude celebrities is sitting in proper alignment and that she is feeling comfortable.